Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team consists of a Head Boy, Head Girl and 10 Prefects. The team meet on a weekly basis with the Principal and discuss issues related to the School Development Plan and any pupil related issues which arise throughout the school year.

The JLT are also responsible for the creation and implementation of a specific Action Plan each year that focuses on the mental health and well being of the children in the school.

Head boy and girl

School Council

The School Council plays a very important role in our school. The 12 councillors help to make Christ the Redeemer a better place for pupils and staff. There is a class representative from each P4 to P7 class. This gives an opportunity for children to become more involved in creating and maintaining the inclusive ethos of our school.

Eco Council

The ECO Council work closely with outside organisations and have developed strong community links. The Rights Respecting School Assessment in 2021 commented: “there are many pupil groups enabling leadership and empowerment including the Rights Respecting School Council, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Buddies and the Eco-Council.”  The Council was successful in securing the renewal of our Green Flag status in 2024.

Rights Respecting School Council

The RRS Council is an active advocate for children’s rights. They promote a fair and welcoming school for all. The children from P1 through to P7 are immersed in positive child friendly language where all of the children are familiar with the UNCRC articles. The group were an integral part of our assessment in 2021.

School Faith Team

The Key Stage 2 Faith Team, dedicated to upholding the Catholic ethos at our school, works closely with our RE Coordinator, Miss Clenaghan. Together, they deliver monthly prayers and faith assemblies, fostering a sense of community and spirituality among students and staff. Through their efforts, they promote values of compassion, empathy and understanding, creating a nurturing environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported.

School Curriculum

Mathematics and Numeracy

Numeracy at Christ the Redeemer Primary School involves engaging children in a variety of purposeful activities that encompass different modes of mathematical learning such as play, exploration, investigation, observation, discussion, reflection, documentation, reading and recording.

Mathematical language, skills and knowledge are cultivated through interconnected areas such as Number, Shape, Space, Measures and Data Handling with Mathematical Processes integrated throughout the curriculum. These skills and concepts are also integrated into all subject areas allowing students to reinforce and utilise them in diverse and relevant contexts.

Literacy 1
literacy 7

Language and Literacy

At Christ the Redeemer, we emphasise the importance of language and literacy development in every child’s education journey. Our Schemes of Work are designed to enhance each child’s capacity to comprehend and utilise language effectively, both in verbal and written forms. Proficiency in language and literacy is fundamental for successful living and learning, enabling communication, expression of emotions, sharing and gathering information, as well as fostering critical thinking and idea development.

Our Language and Literacy Development Program consists of three key components: Talking and Listening, Reading, and Writing, integrated seamlessly across all curriculum areas. We are dedicated to nurturing each child’s creative self-expression and empowering them to communicate confidently through various skills and mediums.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

In Christ the Redeemer, we integrate ICT seamlessly into our curriculum to enhance pupils’ ability to handle and communicate information, solve problems, think critically and foster creativity using technology.

Our diverse range of resources including our computer suite, iPads, Chrome books and other technological devices empowers our children to apply their knowledge and skills across various subjects, preparing them to be adaptable, independent and self-motivated learners in an ever-changing world.


The World Around Us (WAU)

The World Around Us (WAU) is structured around four key strands: Interdependence, Place, Movement and Energy, Change Over Time which interconnect learning across Geography, Science, History and Technology.

At Christ the Redeemer, children cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness and global perspective, fostering an admiration for the world’s splendor and intrigue. Through thematic learning experiences, pupils engage actively, nurturing and expanding their innate curiosity. Educational outings to locations like Castle Espie, Belfast City Hall and Ulster Museum enrich pupils’ comprehension of their surroundings.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU)

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding is an essential part of our primary curriculum. It focuses on nurturing children’s emotional and social development, fostering confidence, independence and health and safety awareness. PDMU also emphasises moral thinking, values and positive actions. In Christ the Redeemer, we celebrate each student’s uniqueness and encourage an appreciation for diverse cultures.

We pay special attention to moral development, values and the importance of mutual understanding and respect. We deliver the PATHS® Programme for Schools facilitating the development of self-control, emotional awareness and interpersonal problem-solving skills.

Collaborating with multiple external organisations like the Aware Charity, Action Mental Health, West Wellbeing, Fire Brigade and NSPCC provides our pupils with opportunities to enhance self-esteem, attitudes and decision-making skills, ultimately helping them establish positive relationships. Our commitment to PDMU extends beyond the classroom, it is woven into our ethos, pastoral care and positive discipline policy. Our various Pupil Councils ensure that pupils have a voice and actively contribute to positive changes within our school community.

PE 3

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education focuses on developing a wide range of fundamental movement skills. These skills enhance pupils’ coordination, locomotion, control, balance and manipulation abilities. Additionally, Physical Education fosters healthy attitudes and values toward physical activity. Our pupils engage in a variety of challenging activities during their timetabled Physical Education sessions.

These activities span areas such as Dance, Athletics, Games, Gymnastics and Swimming. We have established strong, positive relationships with external organisations like the GAA and IFA. Our pupils greatly benefit from their expertise during qualified coaching sessions. Our children actively participate in both internal and external tournaments showcasing their talents.

The Arts

The Arts play a vital role in nurturing creativity among children. Through various forms such as visual arts, music, drama and dance.  Students can express their ideas, emotions and interpretations of the world. Christ the Redeemer pupils actively participate in a diverse array of cross-curricular activities fostering their individuality, imagination and creative potential.

lion king 6
Outdoor Play 2

Art and Design

Art and Design at Christ the Redeemer is a vibrant exploration of creativity. Our pupils delve into various media and materials investigating shape, color, tone, form, space, texture and pattern. Additionally they have the exciting opportunity to appreciate the artistic styles of renowned artists and collaborate with local artists to create their own unique pieces.


Music at Christ the Redeemer is a dynamic exploration of sound. Each pupil engages creatively by listening, singing, and performing with a diverse array of percussion instruments. Our talented school choir performs at various school and community events, including the Peace Proms, much to the delight of their audiences.

Music 1
RE 2

Religious Education

Religious Education is woven into every aspect of life at Christ the Redeemer. It permeates our ethos, relationships and the holistic development of each child. Our commitment is to ensure that every student realises their true potential through a Catholic education that is person-centered, inclusive and firmly rooted in Gospel Values.

We actively promote the spirit of charity, social justice and global awareness, fostering practical outreach and partnerships with organisations like Trocaire and our local foodbanks. Our ‘Grow in Love’ Programme empowers pupils to develop a positive sense of self and a deep understanding of their Catholic faith. It also encourages respect for the beliefs and values of others. The three-way partnership between our school, home and parish family is pivotal, especially during the preparation for Sacraments such as Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation which are celebrated in Primary Three, Primary Four and Primary Seven.