Wellbeing Hub

Enhancing Mental Health and Wellness

At Christ the Redeemer Primary School we emphasise the significance of emotional well-being for all members, including staff, pupils and parents.

We prioritise the importance of mental health and emotional wellness alongside physical health. Our school prides itself on a compassionate and supportive environment, where respect and kindness are paramount, and where every individual and their contributions are appreciated.

Life challenges are a part of everyone’s journey rendering us all vulnerable at times and in need of additional emotional support. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is empowered to achieve their full potential and seek assistance whenever necessary.

Wellbeing Strategies

We are committed to prioritising mental health and wellbeing across our whole school community we implement the following strategies to achieve this:

Prioritising Staff Wellbeing

Recognising that staff wellbeing is integral to our school’s success, we foster a supportive and appreciative work environment where staff feel valued and respected. Regular reviews and monitoring of mental health practices ensure ongoing improvement.

Fostering a Culture of Acceptance

Creating a safe and supportive environment where open discussions about mental health concerns are encouraged among pupils, staff, and parents.

Staff Training and Support

Equipping our staff with adequate training to identify student needs and implement early intervention strategies is crucial. We will prioritise staff wellbeing by providing necessary support, tools, and resources to manage stress and challenging situations.

Integrated Curriculum Approach

Mental Health and Wellbeing is a core component of our Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU), Grow in Love, PATHS, and wider curriculum lessons. We reinforce key messages through various platforms such as dedicated weeks, assemblies, homework tasks, updates on Seesaw and across our social media platforms.

Wellbeing Initiatives

We have established a dedicated Wellbeing Lead and a voluntary Wellness Committee to organise monthly activities and initiatives, supporting staff wellness. Additionally, a designated First Aid Mental Health staff member is available to provide immediate assistance when needed.

Together, we are committed to promoting a culture of mental health awareness and support throughout our school community.

Embedding Emotional Literacy

We ensure that emotional literacy is effectively integrated into our daily curriculum, empowering children with the necessary skills to navigate their emotions and build resilience particularly during challenging times.